Charities & Academies

The charity sector faces a wide range of pressures from raising funds and managing finances, through to meeting stakeholder demands and keeping up-to-date with the ever-changing regulatory and legal frameworks.

Our specialist team draws together expertise from various disciplines throughout the firm to provide strategic and operational advice to this technically complicated and highly regulated sector.

We ensure that we not only provide you with the best possible advice, but keep you updated with the latest developments and advise on a wide range of issues that affect charity organisations. Our role is to advise on issues and how they can be addressed, share our views on risks and how they can be mitigated.

All this gives you more time to concentrate on what is important to you and your beneficiaries.

  • Expert advice provided with care
  • Getting to the bottom of the risk

At Nationwide, we appreciate that charities are driven by the desire to further social, environmental or cultural objectives, rather than by maximising profit.
Furthermore, such organisations need to comply with the rules of their regulatory bodies, as well as providing evidence to members and other stakeholders that all the organisation’s affairs are in order.
Consequently, the team at Nationwide provides a very specifically tailored accountancy and advisory service for charities and other not-for-profit organisations of all sizes.

Our broad range of services includes:

  • Accounts prepared in accordance with the Charities’ Statement of Recommended Practice (SORP 2005)
  • Financial statements prepared in accordance with the Industrial & Provident Societies Act, as well as the Friendly Society Act
  • VAT advice
  • Tax advice, including gift aid issues
  • Advising on trading and commercial activities
  • Compliance with Charity Commission and OSCR requirements
  • Registration of new charities

Questions about Charities & Academies?

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