Company Formation & Secretarial

In an environment of increasing businesses compliance and regulation, we can provide company secretarial support services, including:

  • The provision of a registered office address facility;
  • The provision of filing of statutory filings e.g. confirmation statements, the issuance and transfer of shares, changes in officers/directors, share reorganization, capital reductions, company restoration and other restructures.

We can help you fulfill this role and offer the following services.

  • Registered office facilities;
  • Maintenance of statutory registers;
  • Submission of statutory documents;
  • Giving notice of General Meetings;
  • Drafting agendas for company meetings;
  • Preparing Minutes of Meetings;
  • Completion of share transfer forms;
  • Preparation of share certificates;
  • Carrying out company searches;
  • Filing of Annual Return;
  • Acting as Company Secretary;
  • General Company Law advice;
  • Advice on protection of minority interests.

Questions about Company Formation & Secretarial?

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