Private Client Taxes

Here at Nationwide we build relationships and confidence with our clients. We are known for our technical quality, but also for the long-term relationships we build with clients, which facilitates a deep understanding of their issues and objectives. As a result, we are able to offer a customize tax solutions which meet the objectives of our clients.

Our tax team offers integrated and bespoke advice on tax and estate planning. We can help you and your family to reduce your tax burden and ensure you establish the appropriate structures to safeguard, maintain and invest your wealth.


Your business needs, structure and concerns will change over its business life cycle. Managing tax burden is as important as managing any other cost of your business. You need advice that is commercially aware, viable and focused on helping your business remain competitive.

We can offer tax advice to entrepreneurs at every stage of the business life cycle, whether it is to structure a new business or investment, dealing with additional funding and expansion, succession planning to pass your business onto your children, or selling the business to third parties.

We can also advise on mitigating your exposure to inheritance tax and also assist with your tax compliance, filing tax returns with HMRC for you and your family.

We advise on all aspects of personal tax planning including:

  • Tax efficient structuring of your businesses including inheritance tax planning and capital gains tax planning.
  • Non-domicile and residence planning.
  • Tax investigations and disputes, including managing interactions with HMRC.
  • Complex personal tax return compliance for clients.
  • Domestic payroll issues.

Questions about Private Client Taxes?

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