VAT is a complex tax which affects most businesses and organizations. Whether it’s completing and submitting quarterly VAT returns or considering the implications of specific transactions, getting it wrong can be a costly mistake. Our expert’s knowledge would be enough about your business to anticipate risks and opportunities.

Registrations & returns

We are here to help

We provide high quality VAT services tailored to your needs, which ensure that you comply with UK VAT law, submit the correct VAT return at the right time in order to avoid penalties.

Our services include:

  • Assisting with VAT registration.
  • VAT advice.
  • Preparing/reviewing your VAT returns.
  • Preparation of your statistical declarations (i.e. EC Sales Lists and Intrastat declarations).
  • Preparing overseas VAT refund claims.

Our VAT agent service allows us to take care of VAT services on your behalf.

We offer a dedicated VAT agent service, which gives you peace of mind knowing that our experienced VAT professionals are looking after your VAT affairs. As your authorized VAT agent, we can deal with your VAT affairs on your behalf, reducing the burden on your business, whilst allowing you to keep full control.

Our VAT agent service includes:

  • Dealing directly with HMRC in respect of your VAT affairs.
  • Being the first point of contact for HMRC, should they have any queries?
  • Submission of VAT returns and other documentation to HMRC on your behalf.
  • Hosting HMRC VAT inspections.
  • Assisting you and representing you if necessary in dealing with HMRC enquiries.

Questions about VAT?

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