HMRC Investigations

HMRC has a growing appetite for launching investigations where it considers there is a reasonable possibility of collecting additional tax liabilities. As a result, more individuals and businesses are finding themselves subject to a tax investigation or intervention without there necessarily being any actual wrongdoing.

Tax investigations and dealing with HMRC can be extremely stressful, time consuming and disruptive. Nationwide Accountants has an expert Tax Investigation & Dispute team with extensive experience in handling HMRC enquiries, investigations and disputes. Our approach is designed to ease the process and reach the best possible outcome for all of our clients, whilst always complying with tax legislation. For more information, please contact our tax investigations specilists.

Fee protection

Each year, HMRC investigates hundreds of thousands of individuals and businesses in the UK. It has the powers to do this at random, at any time, and everyone is at risk. HMRC is now more active than ever before. Dependent on the size of the investigation, the costs for professional representation can run to thousands. For a small fee, these costs can be protected against.

HMRC has opened more investigations than ever before. In 2009, HMRC launched a new IT system called CONNECT. CONNECT enables HMRC to keep tabs on all sorts of information – including your bank details, past and present employment details, profit margins, land registry details and more. This allows it to build a picture of you and detect perceived anomalies in tax returns or accounts. Service provides clients with protection against the costs of most HMRC investigations.

HMRC Enquiries

Every year, HMRC investigates hundreds of thousands of individuals and businesses in the UK. Enquiries may range from a simple check of an item on a tax return to a full fledge investigation of a person or business.

Increasingly, enquiries are becoming automated via the use by HMRC of its ‘CONNECT’ software, which trawls potentially billions of items of data from many sources and matching it against information provided on a tax return. This may include information about property, bank accounts (in the UK and overseas), cars, social media and a person’s lifestyle.

Questions about HMRC Investigations?

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