Business Start-up, Mergers & Acquisitions


Starting up a new business can be both – a daunting and exciting journey. A winning combination requires a viable entrepreneurial idea, as well as advanced financial planning and advice. Institutions such as banks recognise this, and will not usually loan capital, or assist businesses, without suitable cash forecasts and business plans.

At Nationwide we can help you prepare your budgets and cash flow forecasts, and provide the best financial advice. We can arm you with the business knowledge that can help you secure the capital your business needs, and plan for the future of your business.

From deciding what type of trading status use (i.e. sole trader or limited company) to preparing your accounts, allow us to help steer your new business onto the path of success.

Merger, Acquisitions & Disposals

Successful acquisitions and mergers result from a thorough approach that is consistent with the company’s strategy. Glazers can help you:

  • Develop acquisition strategy
  • Define selection criteria
  • Identify and approach targets
  • Investigate targets and assess value
  • Negotiate company purchases
  • Conduct due diligence
  • Complete the deal and integrate the new business

We can also help you with a full or part-disposal of your business. Once you have decided to explore either of these possibilities, we can help you to:

  • Identify and approach potential buyers or investors
  • Advise on tax-efficient disposal routes
  • Fine-tune your sales memorandum for maximum effect
  • Liaise with your legal team
  • Negotiate closure terms

Questions about Business Start-up, Mergers & Acquisitions?

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